Cryptic Projects

Cryptic continues to take on a number of roles in order to further the arts. Producing events, festivals and performances, and since 2009, Cryptic Nights, a platform for emerging artists. Engaging other media and experimenting with new technology, Cryptic has sought to enhance performances and continues to break boundaries. In addition, Cryptic has commissioned visual artists and film makers to produce film for stage which has gone on to exhibit off stage around the world.

Following on from the success of the Cryptic App, 2011 seeks to up the creative ante in 2011. This year will see Cryptic invite associate directors to work on future projects, as Cathie Boyd turns her attention to the company’s continued focus on producing high quality work and supporting emerging new talent, alongside Producer Claire Moran.

Josh Armstrong is the inaugural Cryptic Associate, directing the world premiere staging of David Lang's The Little Match Girl Passion.

Cryptic Nights

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Cryptic as Producers

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