Film and Radio

As well as commissioning composers and writers to create unique music performances, Cryptic also commissions visual artists and film makers to produce film for stage. Although originally conceived as part of a production, these commissions are works in their own right and have been shown at various film festivals. In addition, Cryptic has also been commissioned to produce a radio play.

Optical Identity

Commissioned as part of Singapore Arts Festival and produced by Reel Loco in Singapore. The T’ang quartet perform in this music video.

Based on Franghiz Ali-Zadeh’s Mugam Sayagi it focuses on a secret 16th century Islamic language used to hide unacceptable emotions, it explores intimately a musician’s body. It begins with a woman’s voice (solo cello), trying to wake the world with call to prayer. Suddenly, it explodes and concealed passion breaks out.

Optical Identity was screened at Big Pond Adelaide Film Festival 2009.

The Adoption Papers

A radiophonic adaptation of Jackie Kay’s Adoption Papers, directed by Cathie Boyd and composed by Anthea Haddow for 24+1 (Rescue Kit for Radio). 24+1 is a pilot project for the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) led by Belgian artist Ward Weis.

Different Trains

Commissioned to accompany a staged performance of Steve Reich’s Different Trains, as part of the Journeys and Memories tour.

Black over Red

Commissioned film screened as part of Black over Red inspired by Anna Akhmatova’s Requiem.


The Adoption Papers