Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Tales of Magical Realism - Part 2

Cryptic would like to thank Ruth Nicol, Sara Harrison, Ruth Le Gear, Peter Ananin, Henri Troillet, Stuart Kerr, J. Tomas Muñiz Garcia, Louise McVey and Kathy Boyd for their support in helping Cryptic's Associate Artist Sven Werner create a curious world of magical realism.

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Cryptic Nights presents Onedotzero - An eclectic selection of short film screenings

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Cryptic Nights presents Onedotzero - An eclectic selection of short film screenings

4 - 6 October 2012 // Times Vary // CCA 4, Glasgow // Free - £5 // 0141 352 4900 //

An eclectic selection of short films – adventures in motion.
Cryptic Nights presents a selection of themed screenings from onedotzero’s pioneering audio-visual touring festival adventures in motion 2011. Encompassing poetic live-action shorts, adult-rated, sci-fi animation and charmingly comic films for families onedotzero’s screenings offer something for everyone.

4 October (20.00 – 21.30) – Poemetrics. A series of expressive, surprising and beautiful moving image shorts, inspired by poetry or poetic texts. Followed by a Q&A. £5.

5 October (11.00 – 18.30) – Onscreen 11. A free, Drop-in session screening of transporting, immersive and contemplative short-films. FREE.

5 October (20.00 – 21.30) - Nightfall 11. An adult-rated dose of some of the more extreme, leftfield and damn scary shorts, for the wildly adventurous. Followed by a Q&A. Age restriction:18+. £5.

6 October (11.45, 13.00, 14.15 & 15.45) – Sprites 11. A free Screening of selected fun-packed shorts, hand-picked for a new digital generation of young motion aficionados. An alternative, cinematic experience for all the family. FREE

Cryptic Nights, stay curious…

Book now:

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Harris Tweed Ride

Tickets are sold out for this event but we're still wishing we had some lovely Tweed to go along for the ride....

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Open call for film submissions for Sonica 2012 Film Programme

Open call for film submissions for Sonica 2012 Film Programme

Sonica 2012 (sonic art for the visually minded) is a 10 day celebration of world-class sonic art, presenting extraordinary work from the UK, Netherlands, Korea, Australia & Lithuania.Sonica 2012 celebrates high quality, cutting edge sound works, each with a strong visual element. The Sonica 2012 programme will open up the genre of sonic art, making it accessible and exciting to all ages. It combines aspects of live music, visual art, opera, film, theatre and multi-media, blurring the boundaries between the different art forms and presenting innovative work by some of today’s most exciting upcoming UK and international artists.

As part of the public engagement programme for Sonica, we are inviting film submissions, a selection of which will be included as part of a film programme at the CCA and shown at other selected Sonica venues. Films will be shortlisted by Sonica, Shift and Grampian Mountains.


• Films must respond to the Sonica theme; sonic art for the visually minded, but this does not mean the film needs to have sound. They can be film, animation, images, sound, anything!
• Applicants can be completely new to film or be experienced film-makers
• Films can be an existing or new piece of work
• Films can be made by individuals or a group

Please send:

• A download link for your video on We Transfer or Dropbox; films should be in .mov or .mpg format, 25fps and HD or SD
• OR, a link to view your film online on Vimeo
• AND a paragraph about the film (up to 200 words)
• AND a paragraph about the maker(s) (up to 200 words)

to Sonica Flicks on by 5pm Friday 28th September 2012. Makers of selected films will be notified by Friday 5th October 2012.

Sonica is produced by Cryptic and curated by Cryptic’s Artistic Director Cathie Boyd, hcmf//’s Artistic Director Graham McKenzie & Producer Patrick Dickie.

A Glasgow-wide celebration of international sonic art - 8-18 November 2012

With Sonica public engagement programme taking place from 18 October 2012

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How to construct a Penny-farthing - Instructions

Friday, 17 August 2012

How to construct a Penny-farthing - Instructions

How to construct a Penny-farthing - Instructions

1. After removing the clingfilm take out screws from the large front panel. The bike is dismatled into two parts.

2. Remove clingfilm from both parts. Warning: Do not damage the colour, saddle or other parts.

3. Unscrew the main steering bolt in the middle of the top part of the front fork.

4. Insert the back part of the backbone into the steering head. First upper part, then the lower cone.

5. Fasten the steering bolt. The backbone must be neither too loose nor too tight. It should be moving smoothly.

6. Put the bike into the stand. The stand will open and shut itself.

7. Screw on the left handle bar. As the thread at the end of both handlebars touches each other inside the steering head use a rubber hammer to align
the handlebars and then secure carefully with the security nut.

8. Insert the pedals in the cranks and screw on the nuts.

Enjoy your journey!

Help us to construct some Penny-farthings click below to find out how:

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