How to construct a Penny-farthing - Instructions

Friday, 17 August 2012

How to construct a Penny-farthing - Instructions

How to construct a Penny-farthing - Instructions

1. After removing the clingfilm take out screws from the large front panel. The bike is dismatled into two parts.

2. Remove clingfilm from both parts. Warning: Do not damage the colour, saddle or other parts.

3. Unscrew the main steering bolt in the middle of the top part of the front fork.

4. Insert the back part of the backbone into the steering head. First upper part, then the lower cone.

5. Fasten the steering bolt. The backbone must be neither too loose nor too tight. It should be moving smoothly.

6. Put the bike into the stand. The stand will open and shut itself.

7. Screw on the left handle bar. As the thread at the end of both handlebars touches each other inside the steering head use a rubber hammer to align
the handlebars and then secure carefully with the security nut.

8. Insert the pedals in the cranks and screw on the nuts.

Enjoy your journey!

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